Michael Jackson Is Complete Innocence: A Woman´s Personal Perspective © MichaelJacksonHumanRights

Michael Jackson Is Complete Innocence: A Woman´s Personal Perspective © MichaelJacksonHumanRights

Michael Jackson Is Complete Innocence: A Woman´s Personal Perspective © MichaelJacksonHumanRights
Michael Jackson Is Complete Innocence: A Woman´s Personal Perspective © MichaelJacksonHumanRights

Dear MJ Soul Family

Dear Readers

This is a special Post for this Blog, as the Concepts of New Laws to protect the Soul are moving ahead naturally and finding more and more interest out there, as the Soul ALWAYS matters- more than the temporary Body (vessel).

A few weeks ago, I got in contact with Michael Jacobshagen via Social Media Pages of my Publications. I had heard the Name before, and definitely plan on reading his Book this Spring/Summer, so we can discuss it in Person soon.

I have seen his Website he has though, and the Videos including the German RTL TV Interview, where he is defending Michael Jackson.

It is funny, as soon as we started talking it was like, totally relaxed like “I already know him anyways”. I think he is a good guy, a great exceptional MJ Fan and Friend, that makes his efforts to support Michael´s Truth, the Family and Justice.

We spoke of course of some things I cannot tell here publicly right now on a Blog, but I am happy to see how Michael from Spirit is able to bring the people together into a united voice and light power.

I can only hope, from many perspectives, that there won´t be a “new Trial” against Michael Jackson NOW, because it would be topping the extreme wrong and injustice done to Mike´s very Soul, and that after ascending and having Soul Rights to be respected in Death/Afterlife.

It would be a very crushing Karma, direct Fist from God, for those Souls that attempt to lie about, harass and therefore attack Michael´s Soul.

This is a direct “picking up of a fight with the Archangel Michael” by now, and I do not recommend it.

And here we get again to the important Message:


It is as if those do not really exist in the equation of human law, not much at least. We have great Partners from the MJ Soul Family, making efforts for Laws for Respect toward the Deceased and Soul Rights. Things are moving well and the good People are uniting!

I want to show you here Michael Jacobshagen´s Website, so you can view his Story and his Book he published to support and honor Michael Jackson.


We will meet sometime in person soon, and then as he also likes, I will publish more on that then.


Once you know the truth, you know the truth and cannot “not know it suddenly anymore”. No matter what the false accusers claim and try, say and do, I KNOW Michael Jackson is completely innocent. I know Michael from a Perspective that others have a challenging time grasping and seeing fully.

Michael Jackson was not known, as the private real Man he was and still is in Spirit, to the Public on Earth.

People viewed him as some complete Mystery and Walking Question Mark often times. It is challenging to speak up, and in the same time keep the privacy sealed and not say too much. We both, me and Michael, never would talk publicly about everything in our private personal life, especially sex details.

But that is luckily also not even important, in our Case and Story we bring forward now to reveal Michael´s Complete Innocence.

I can witness from within, deep inside Michael Jackson´s Soul that he is absolutely heterosexual, innocent of the false accusations of molestation, and has in fact in his basic inner thoughts, emotions and feelings never felt, thought nor been gay at all.

I am saying it that way, because if I told you anything of the physical world only, you would not see the absolute proof in it, just like people saw him with Lisa Marie Presley and it was obvious how much they were really into each other and still, many mocked their Marriage and did not believe it is real even. It was very insulting to see such masses of mockery tabloids back then, against Mike and his Marriage. He told me many things about that time, and the tabloid games. He was absolutely right about every thing he said.

So from a classical, humane, close up in person Perspective to the Inner Soul Truth, I know Michael Jackson is absolutely Innocent and the full Truth about his Life, in and out, and his sexual habits in detail as well. And trust me when I say, there is nothing even gay about Michael at all, and I was just recently laughing talking to someone in private, regarding my spontaneous comment about “I never was into the feminine type Asian guys”.

Sounds funny maybe to many people, coming from someone involved with Michael Jackson, that is viewed as “so feminine” by many folks in the public eye.

But that is a revealing thing I mention, because Michael Jackson was not that feminine in private, not in his habits, his behavior, and especially not in his sexuality.

The “public Persona and Attitude” was his thing, for his Job. It was actually more me, than him, meaning, he was channeling in public more me, his feminine Twin Flame. That was his strong spiritual-artistic work side, and he done a genius job in his Songs capturing our Soul Truth, even years before we actually met in person in Los Angeles back then.

So, to me personally, if you could see through my Eyes right now, you would see a from A- Z completely innocent, funny, charming, very smart, deep thinking, compassionate, intuitive, trust worthy, boyish, gentle, determined, understanding, spiritual, wise and very attractive man- the way I know Michael Jackson.

Wishing you all a wonderful Week and keep up the Faith and Truth Vibes for Love!

Susan Elsa

By Susan Elsa © This Text may be re-distributed with citing the Author and Source Link of this Blog


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