What about Michael Jackson´s Human Rights? ©

What about Michael Jackson´s Human Rights? ©

It is now the Year 2013 and Michael Jackson has passed to Heaven in 2009. Still, his personal Rights are being attacked. How is such a thing even possible by law?

How can you bring a Dead Man to Court, AFTER he went to Court in 2005, and came out clean from all FALSE allegations against him? To get some Money from his Inheritance? Oh so, that for these sick greedy People, is now okay, to sue Dead Celebs to get forcefully some Inheritance Money like it´s a Business or some Thanksgiving Turkey to be eaten?

No, no man. This is illegal, and if it is not in America, little America on this tiny Planet in the Universe, then it surely is in God´s laws and all who do such will get severe consequences for their Souls- AFTER they die.

What you sow, you shall reap.

In this Image above, you see Michael after his Pepsi-Commercial-Filming Accident in the Hospital. He already had at this point RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY FOR HIS BURNED SCALP, almost to the skull the burning came.

This is very important now, because they lie in malicious ways and I will keep fighting and talk and talk, and yell, and write, and sing, and dance, and act, and scream, that´s right, UNTIL they stop the Lies and the Truth has prevailed!

After this accident, Michael was left with a partially bald area from the burns, and it would hurt him a lot. He had migranes, neck tensions and headaches that he could feel all over his back. Sometimes, it was hard for him to focus attentively, if the pain was too strong and distracting. Still, he did afterwards BAD, plus World Tour, Dangerous, plus World Tour, HIStory plus World Tour…I personally and factually now, don´t know anyone beside him personally, that had such an IRON WILL.

Maybe some People have a hard time relating to, I don´t know, Cancer patients. They have no idea how the cancer feels, what it does to your body functions, what meds you MUST TAKE and how bad or not, side effects of them are. Obviously, there are private issues Human Beings can have, and no one has ever the right to point at or LIE ABOUT anyone else´s accidents or medical issues they are not to blame for at all.

Michael Jackson is a Hero!

Most men can´t even keep up a normal, focused conversation when having a little headache. People cannot imagine how it is, with such pains and headaches, to sing with FULL FOCUS, to dance like crazy and then lay around not able to sleep from the high energy performance (like extreme sports- 2 hours and more per Day traveling around)- plus, have then too exhausted while all your muscles hurt,a headache and back pain and no ability to sleep.

It feels like your heart is about to stop, or explode. Sleep is essential for survival in such physical efforts, training or worldwide touring and each Day performing. Plus, while Mike would lay in his Hotel Beds, the Fans would stay up all night below his Hotels and SCREAM & YELL- all night…until the Morning light came up again…

This is really sweet and Michael always loved his Fans and still does. But that did not make sleeping and resting easier * big smile*.

I have the duty, NOW, to be fully honest, cuz I am doing this for him, to defend his Rights and his Truth against those Haters and Liars who harassed him for over 16 Years straight.

As I wrote in my Book, a very provocative Book that took all my courage to publish and would have never even been without Michael pushing for it – I describe as well, again, how Michael was mocked for HEALTH PROBLEMS he had.

For 3 Years of my Life, for example, back as a Teenager, I had a sun allergy. Yes, sounds scary doesn´t it? I was in Egypt when it began, and within 5 Minutes all of a sudden for the first time, I got like huge swelling all over my face, my lips, the skin looked like sand paper around the lips and would hurt and burn. I could not even eat comfortably after such allergic reaction, for minimum 1 week. I remember how I would try eat salads and the salad sauce would burn on my lips and I would almost cry, you can´t even smile normal!

This was a nightmare. Later on, Michael told me that HE was allergic to the sun and had similar reactions. This is why he wore so much covering, like black umbrellas, long sleeves and never short pants in the sun later and so forth. Michael wore bathing shorts and swam before the whole time. He wore T-Shirts much. He stopped doing it, in public Photos at least or to be published, after he developed his skin disorder.

And as if this accident was not enough, as mentioned, Vitiligo came on top of it in the same phase of Michael´s Life. All those things happened, by the way, AFTER HE BROKE RECORDS WITH THRILLER- it became the biggest Selling Album EVER!

So, what did the white Racist Opponents/Competitors of Michael, from his Business, do?

That´s right- they started to publicly harass him and psychologically terrorize him in front of all your Eyes and up until this Day, no mainstream News has EVER REPORTED THE TRUTH in fair, honest ways. I mean, all, literally all News-Sources are corrupt and get Bribes and print whatever the Briber asks for. I have this Info from Michael himself and I know it is true, I totally see now the Truth behind what he said! Or how else would they print the exact same insults overnight, across the Globe, about Michael? In many different, supposedly non-related News Sources in different Languages?

They mocked his skin problems, his accident, the consequences of the accident and that, until TODAY. In the 90s, by the way, when Michael was FALSELY accused of some horrible Crimes he would never even THINK OF, it literally killed him.

This is the truth, like, if you want to know and understand what Michael felt personally. He felt harassed. HE FELT SEXUALLY HARASSED BY THOSE LIES. He felt unfairly attacked and more than others in proportion. He felt depressed. He had anger attacks. He kept chewing on his fingers all night, restless from the Injustice. He could not handle well, that such injustice and unlawful behavior is possible and he has NO HUMAN RIGHTS. He was famous, had all these Fans, Awards and Respect for his Work, and still, he, as a human being, felt always as if he has no rights.

I am telling you the honest private truth here. Michael has a huge heart, he was so nice that instead of becoming as others often might, emotionally cold and ignorant from the things done to him, he went OUT THERE and tried to help others as much as he could.

They kept going, for 16 Years! Can you imagine? Global Stalking through a public Platform, stalking you with LIES, feeling constantly harassed until you develop REGULAR SLEEP PROBLEMS over the Years, and then THEY BLAME HIM FOR MEDS HE NEEDED DESPERATELY TO SLEEP?

No man, I am not going to watch this Devil Circus go on any longer. Stop Lying and show some Respect at least now, for People who already passed. Michael is none of your Business now, and falsely suing him and making some Devil Show Court when Mike cannot appear in Court and defend himself, is plain DEMONIC AND INHUMANE. If the United States allows such things, they are DEMONIC AND INHUMANE to their OWN CITIZENS.

Michael Jackson was an American Citizen. Now, Americans, think about that before it is too late your Country goes totally down the drain, only cuz a few Racists want to control Money & Public Power over People. Those are the type of reasons why an AMERICAN ARTIST was treated in such ways.

And to all MJ Fans, I would suggest, maybe we should try and put this idea out there:

Michael helped all these People. He is in the Guinness Book of World Records and always was super proud of this achievement. He helped until exhaustion.

Can´t we find a way to help him in HIS human rights now?

As his Partner & Twin Soul, I really wish, wish, wish to live to see this Day….


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  1. Thank you for your love and wonderful compassion for this beautiful human being! Michael, a man who was and is STILL being so appallingly bullied; accused; a ton of people willing to sell this man that gave of himself time and time over and over again because of LOVE, down the river for $$$$ and ratings!

    Although now he can’t be hurt by all this garbage he was! Never a victim; Michael had more strength and courage than I’ve ever known! He was MORE MAN than any of his detractors or bullies and if they could but see it; Michael is the very best inspiration for what a human being should and could be and live in this world!

    Thank you, Susan 🙂

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